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Colorado Ski Vacation Planning - FAQ

1) What Colorado Resort Should I Choose?

1) Where Should I Go?

Colorado is internationally known for having some of the best ski resorts in the world. Here is a one sentence summary for each resort to help guide you in choosing your Colorado ski vacation destination!

Aspen: World-Class skiing meets hipster mountain town filled with excellent food, après skiing, nightlife and celebrity sightings.

Beaver Creek Resort: Colorado mountain romance coupled with luxury lodging, free warm cookies after skiing and a unique interconnected village-to-village skiing experience.

Breckenridge: Incredibly charming and historic ski town with excellent terrain, nightlife and events.

Copper Mountain: Easy to get to ski resort with a huge variety of terrain, excellent views and lower prices.

Crested Butte: Remote and quaint historical mountain town with excellent skiing and friendly locals.

Durango: Southwest Colorado's favorite community filled with a lively university scene, great skiing and western charm.

Keystone: Hipster mountain resort with cat-skiing, night-skiing, tubing and tons of activities for families, couples and / or college kids.

Telluride: One of Colorado's spectacular resort communities with stunning scenery, excellent skiing and rich mining history.

Steamboat Springs: Western charm meets world-class powder where cowboy hats are normal and the skiing is anything but.

Vail: Continually named North America's finest ski resort, this ski resort and mountain town set the bar for skiing, and Colorado vacations.

Winter Park: Excellent snow quality, fantastic groomers and mogul madness coupled with an easy going mountain community.

2) When Should I Go?

2) When Should I Go?

There's never a bad time for a Colorado ski vacation. All times of the year have their advantages. View a list of Pro's and Con's to help guide you in choosing when to take your vacation.

Mid November Thru Mid December:
Pros: Cheaper rates, less crowds.
Cons: Snow can be a little thin.

Mid December Through Early January:
Pros: Great snow, Holiday festivities.
Cons: Limited l availability lodging availability, higher rates.

Mid January Through Mid February:
Pros: Great snow, great rates, tons of events and activities.
Cons: Colder temperatures.

Mid February Thru Mid March:
Pros: Excellent snow, cheaper rates.

Mid March to Early April:
Pros: Excellent snow, warmer temperatures, events, activities, nightlife.
Higher rates, sometimes crowded.|

Early April to Close:
Pros: Cheaper rates, excellent snow, warmer temperatures, events, activities.
Snow conditions can be difficult to predict.

3) How Do I Get There?

3) How Do I Get There?
Getting to your Colorado ski vacation is half the fun! Depending on where your final destination is, you can either drive, fly and rent a car, or fly and take a shuttle.

Getting to Aspen & Snowmass
» Driving Directions to Aspen, Colorado
» Fly to Aspen via Aspen Pitkin Airport
» Fly to Vail / Eagle Airport
» Aspen Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Aspen

Getting to Beaver Creek
» Driving Directions Beaver Creek Resort
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Fly to Beaver Creek via Vail / Eagle Airport
» Beaver Creek Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Beaver Creek

Getting to Breckenridge
» Driving Directions to Breckenridge, Colorado
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Breckenridge Car Rental Options
» Take a Shuttle to Breckenridge

Getting to Copper Mountain
» Driving Directions to Copper Mountain Resort
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Copper Mountain Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Copper Mountain

Drive to Crested Butte, Colorado
» Driving Directions to Crested Butte, Colorado
» Fly to Crested Butte via the Gunnison Airport
» Crested Butte Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Crested Butte

Getting to Durango
» Driving Directions to Durango, Colorado
» Fly to Durango Regional Airport
» Durango Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Durango

Getting to Keystone
» Driving Directions to Keystone Colorado
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Keystone Car Rental Options
» Take a Shuttle to Keystone

Getting to Telluride
» Driving Directions to Telluride, Colorado
» Fly to Telluride Regional Airport
» Fly to Montrose Airport
» Telluride Car Rental Options
» Take a Shuttle to Telluride

Getting to Steamboat Springs
» Driving Directions to Steamboat Springs
» Fly to Steamboat Springs / Hayden Airport
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Steamboat Springs Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Steamboat Springs

Getting to Vail
» Driving Directions to Vail, Colorado
» Fly to Vail Eagle Airport
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Vail Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Vail

Getting to Winter Park
» Driving Directions to Winter Park, Colorado
» Fly to Denver International Airport
» Winter Park Rental Car Options
» Take a Shuttle to Winter Park

4) What Type of Lodging Should I Stay In?

4) What Type of Lodging Should I Stay In?
When it comes to reserving ski lodging, some choose the convenience of ski in ski out condos, while others prefer intimate vacation rentals. You can select from slopeside accommodations, bed and breakfasts, ski hotels, full service resort accommodations, private homes, budget friendly, pet friendly and cabin rentals. View lodging from the following Colorado ski towns.

» Aspen Lodging Deals
» Beaver Creek Lodging Deals
» Breckenridge Lodging Deals
» Copper Mountain Lodging Deals

» Crested Butte Lodging Deals
» Durango Lodging Deals
» Keystone Lodging Deals
» Steamboat Springs Lodging Deals
» Telluride Lodging Deals
» Vail Lodging Deals
» Winter Park Lodging Deals

5) How do I Purchase Discount Lift Tickets?

5) How do I Purchase Discount Lift Tickets
Don't pay full price for Colorado lift tickets! Purchase online, in advance, and save loads of money on multi-day-lift-tickets. Plan beforehand and purchase lift ticket deals for skiing in Colorado at least a week in advance for the best savings. It is also advisable to book your lift tickets with lodging. You can save when you purchase lift ticket and lodging deals together. When you purchase lift tickets through the your ticket voucher is emailed to you. Simply print out the lift ticket voucher and bring it into the ticket office of your resort. Book cheap and discount lift tickets online for the following ski resorts in Colorado.

» Aspen Lift Ticket Deals
» Beaver Creek Lift Ticket Deals
» Breckenridge Lift Ticket Deals
» Copper Mountain Lift Ticket Deals

» Crested Butte Lift Ticket Deals
» Durango Lift Ticket Deals
» Keystone Lift Ticket Deals
» Steamboat Springs Lift Ticket Deals
» Telluride Lift Ticket Deals
» Vail Lift Ticket Deals
» Winter Park Lift Ticket Deals

6) Should I Rent Ski Equipment?

6) Should I Rent Ski Equipment?

Renting skis while on your Colorado ski vacation is often easier than dragging your skis through the airports, shuttles, and so forth. There are a ton of options for renting skis throughout the state of Colorado. Our ski rental locations offer excellent convenience, affordability and are all equipped with the latest skiing and snowboarding technology. Choose your destination and book your ski rental equipment from the list below.

» Aspen Ski Rental Deals
» Beaver Creek Ski Rental Deals
» Breckenridge Ski Rental Deals
» Copper Mountain Ski Rental Deals

» Crested Butte Ski Rental Deals
» Durango Ski Rental Deals
» Keystone Ski Rental Deals
» Steamboat Ski Rental Deals
» Telluride Ski Rental Deals
» Vail Ski Rental Deals
» Winter Park Ski Rental Deals

7) What Other Activities Are There?

7) What Other Activities Are There?
Colorado ski towns are epicenters for mountain adventures. Skiing and snowboarding are of course popular activities, but a ton of unique adventures await those with the spirit for adventure. View a sample list of activities to partake in while on your Colorado vacation.

  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Dog SleddinG
  • Sleigh Rides
  • Spas & Massages
  • Snowshoeing
  • Tubing
  • Cross Country/Nordic
  • Horseback Rides
  • Fly FishiNG
  • Rafting & Kayaking
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Gondola Rides
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Paragliding
  • Golfing
  • Ice Skating
  • Climbing 14ers
  • Films/Theater/Arts
  • Kids Activities
8) What Should I Bring?

8) What Should I Bring

Your flights to Colorado are booked, the lodging sorted, lift tickets purchased, ski rental equipment reserved…the only thing left to do is pack! Here's a list detailing a few of the essentials so you’ll arrive in Colorado with everything you need to make your ski vacation a memorable one.
What to Bring for Your Colorado Ski Vacation
  • Ski / snowboard equipment
  • Shoes / boots with good traction
  • Ski socks
  • Snowshoes
  • Goggles / sunglasses
  • Camel back / water bottle
  • Scarf / hat / gloves
  • Walkie-talkies and/or Cell Phones
  • Ipod
  • Warm layers (sweatshirts / long sleeve t-shirts / long underwear)
  • Lip balm
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Pain relievers
  • Camera / video camera
  • Proof of insurance
  • Waterproof coat / waterproof ski pants
  • Day pack
  • Swimsuit
  • Exercise clothes
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