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The Colorado Travel Company is an official .travel authenticated company that specializes in tourism for the Colorado Ski Industry. Our company has been given this distinction due to its relevancy to the Colorado ski market. The major benefits for our company to utilize our domain name is to improve our Internet identity as a Colorado tourism business and the establishment of a strong trust factor between our services and our customers.

What is .travel?
The .travel internet domain extension was established specifically for the travel and tourism industry. It's primary use is to connect the consumer with an authenticated travel resource whereas .com, .net and other domain names are not specific to the travel industry. Travel businesses and organizations can use .travel for e-commerce and promotion of their products and services with a .travel web site, blog, and or email.

Who manages .travel?
Tralliance, the .travel Registry, develops products and services to promote the efficiencies and convenience of e-commerce for travel and tourism companies on the Internet. 

Background of .travel
On May 5, 2005, Tralliance signed a contract with ICANN to operate the .travel Top Level Domain (TLD), which is exclusively reserved for the travel industry. The .travel Registry’s operating procedures and policies for the .travel TLD differentiate it from all other TLDs on the Internet, and offer unique value to the travel industry and its consumers.

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